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Affair Dating Explained

affair dating

Affair is a casual or romantic relationship between two adults. One or both the partners can be in a married relationship with a different person. It doesn't affect their dating relationship.

Affair is usually associated with concepts like freedom, compatibility etc. Sometimes, it may so happen that two partners are legally engaged in a marriage but they don't have any emotional or physical compatibility. They may find solace in a different person's arms and there's 'technically' nothing wrong in enjoying one's own life.

However, numerous misconceptions are constructed around the concept of an affair. Especially, people often believe that an affair must have a sexual relationship. Let us be clear on this - sex is only a part of any and every relationship. Intellectual and emotional compatibility too can lead to an affair. Perhaps this is why age is not a factor in an affair dating.

The first step to remove misconceptions is to learn all the types of an affair. This will give you a better insight into the matter. Here's a comprehensive idea of the same. Check out:

Romantic Affairs

This is one of the most popular types of affair around the world. Often termed as "an affair of the heart", such relationships often revolves around a sexual liaison.

Casual Affair Dating

A casual affair can be emotional or physical liaisons between two people. They can also engage in a sexual relationship. In common terminology, however, the term refers to the type of affair where the participants are involved solely in a sexual relationship without demanding any intellectual or emotional dependence. You can find casual encounters in London and all over the UK.


An emotional or Platonic relationship often corresponds with a romantic affair but a fine line exists between them. In the case of an emotional affair, sexual intimacy can be secondary, but it has a sustainable emotional dependence.

However, as we mentioned earlier, the sexual liaison is a part and parcel of any and every type of relationship. Similarly, an emotional affair too may have a sexual dimension. This type of relationship is a perfect counterpart of a marriage. Also, the intimacy and understanding developed in such an affair surpass romantic affair.

Cyber Affair Dating

A cyber affair is also known as an online affair. It occurs online over text, email, chat, or webcam. It can also take place through a dating portal where people can chat with unknown people. Usually, a cyber relation has a sexual dimension or emotional dependence.

The participants engaged in such an affair might solely engage in sex chat and may not meet in real life ever but that doesn't affect the sensual connection between the duo. In fact, this type of affair is mostly common for married people. It gives them a respite from monotonous life and finds entertainment with others.


Are you wondering why a term that's often associated with marriage applies to an affair? Well, such an affair is an open marriage. Here the partners agree that the other participant may have casual sex with someone else.

There you go - a comprehensive outline of all the types of affairs. Would you like to add more to the list? Go on.